Hello again world

As my first post on this new blog, I wanted to write a big thanks to two people who have given me the nudge to start this blogging again.

The first one is Tal Rotbart. I’ve worked with Tal for close to 18 months now at PageUp, and I’ve got the say, I have learnt a great deal from him in such short space of time. He is a very strategic thinker, and quite a different mould of “techie”. One of the most talented guys I have worked with.

He encouraged me to focus on building a public profile, and share my thoughts. So… here I am, back to blogging.

We are currently on a very interesting journey, realigning a product company, as well as the classic journey from Monolith to Microservices. I have grown a lot, and learnt a great deal of things in the past 18 months, so this is the start of sharing some of those learnings.

The second one is John Sonmez. I’m sure John has influenced quite a number of developers, but I’ve been following John’s work for a number of months now and he has an interesting way of connecting. His free course on blogging is what got me going, and to be honest, it is a little more fun with the structured approach he has provided.

I’ve been in touch with John through this free course and it is nice to have the personal touch – not just an automated email system.

So cheers to both of you!

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